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"The concepts are extemely interesting"

George Lucas, Filmmaker


Dean Kamen, Segway Inventor

"We find your architecture to be very unique"

Kris Kelly, AMBLIN Entertainment

"I call this Invented Architecture"

Joe Rohde, Disney Imagineering

"Insightful originality, smart - no intelligent features and unusual styling"

Joanne Furio, The Robb Report

"His work suggests a futurist sculpture reaffirming his concept that the design of technology can be considered art"

Sam Burchell, Audio/Video Interiors



My exploration of form is rooted in my passion for design, invention and technology.  From the artful drawings of Leonardo Di Vinci to the computer generated creations of Industrial Light and Magic, I am inspired by the human imagination and I strive to understand the hidden principals that shape our understanding of the world and are the genesis of our best creations.  


My work explores the fusion of the disciplines of architecture, industrial design and fine art.  Each piece is as much a realization of an abstract design concept as it is a unique work of three-dimensional art.  


A strict and systematic organization of components define this work and manifest a distinct unifying methodology that has both physical and spiritual origins.  At first glance, the geometric forms seem strangely familiar as if seen somewhere before - but where - when? Upon closer examination - perhaps the designs are remnants of some distant and secrete civilization or even an, as of  yet, unknown and mysterious future. The forms are intentionally abstract giving shape to that "spark" of design inspiration. Schematic concepts emerge as built objects without the practical or functional restrictions that necessarily accompany the development of an architectural or industrial product. 


The final sculpted artwork is usually derived from an initial “thumbnail” sketch. The preliminary shapes are often explored and refined through multiple iterations as 3-d computer models. The work combines the "tried and true" techniques of old-fashioned craftsmanship with today's most advanced rapid prototyping technologies such as CAD modeling, 3-D printing, and CNC fabrication. From creation through completion this dichotomy of ‘handmade’ and ‘computer generated’ informs the development and execution of the work.


Particular finish applications such as weathering and rust recall an ‘earlier time’ in the story of certain pieces  - the scars of a past life.  Nevertheless, the work has a timeless quality - seeming to exist in the past, the present and the future - simultaneously. 



Robert Obier is an award winning artist. His  work as an architect/designer/illustrator has been featured in numerous exhibitions, magazines and web articles. His high tech sculptural designs have appeared on network television and were selected for a “location shoot” in a major motion picture. 


His range of eclectic influences include the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, the explorations of geometry in nature by Andy Goldsworthy and the theatrical creations of Industrial Light and Magic for a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away.


As an architect, he has over 40 years experience in residential projects and commercial developments located in Dallas, Boston, Baton Rouge and on the Gulf Coast with extensive experience in design, construction and fabrication of architectural, furniture and lighting products. Specialized skills include: woodworking, metal work, computer rendering/modeling, 3-D printing, CNC machine fabrication, photography, and website development. He is now focusing his years of expertise and experience on the development and sale of 3-dimensional art projects.


Robert Obier was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he now resides. He received a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from  LSU in 1981 and a Master of Science Degree in Industrial Design from Art Center College of Design in 2007. 

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