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Custom furniture and lighting products are often created to meet specific requirements and to provide singular design statements for particular architectural projects.

Globe 2 Blk_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Certain furniture and lighting designs, that were initially created as "one-off" custom projects, may become the basis for products that will be adapted and further developed as limited production pieces.

Globe detail_edited.jpg


The Globe Stand features a 1/2 inch glass top piece with a decorative etched cartouche and compass headings. The top has a circular brass trim ring with machined finials that securely attach to the legs. The "stiletto" wood legs are turned from African mahogany with machine brass boots. Cross braces provide stability and incorporate a spherical brass "seat" that securely holds the globe in position.

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Mythos 1downc_edited_edited.jpg
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Globe detail_edited.jpg
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