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Obier Studios Lamp Parts
Modular Lamp Elev 1 Exp_edited_edited_ed

Most design explorations begin with a series of thumbnail sketches to capture the inspiration and to explore iterations of the concept. These sketches may evolve into 3D studies, physical models and full scale mock-ups. Many variations are painstakingly studied and tested before a computer model is developed from which the parts for the initial prototypes can me fabricated and machined.

This process is often repeated several times before a design is approved for limited production. Still - the work is constantly evaluated and evolving and small changes may occur from one piece to the next as evidence of this never fully ending evolution.

The products are generally composed of many individual parts, some of which  are outsourced to a variety of vendors and custom machine shops while other, unique and more specialized, parts are fabricated in our own facilities.


The Component Lamp Series features over 250 individual parts that make up each of the basic lamp assemblies. The many brass parts and fittings are provided by a variety of vendors. The main bracket, along with other specialized parts, is created on a (5 axis) CNC milling machine guided by precise 3-D models. The aluminum parts are black anodized, off-site, by our suppliers. We receive the brass parts and burnish them to achieve a soft - lustrous finish. The final step before assembly is to apply a transparent coating that contains an anti-oxidant serving to  retard the tarnishing process. Nevertheless, over time, the brass finishes may gradually form a  natural matt patina.

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