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The studio and workshops are located in Southern Louisiana on the grounds of the ancestral home of the Obier Family. 

The home was built in 1838. It was one of several farm houses located along Bayou Gross Tete which provided a continuous water access route to the Mississippi River flowing down to seaport at the City of New Orleans.

There are five outbuildings on the property that serve to provide the living quarters as well as the offices and the workshop space.

The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The structure serves as an excellent example of The Greek Revival Style in Southern Louisiana. The home's significant historical relevance includes having been a battleground for a Civil War skirmish fought on the property in the year of 1863.

Obier Studios at Live Oaks Plantation
Obier Studios at Live Oaks Plantation
Obier Studios Office
Obier Studios Guest House
Obier Studios Workshop


The stables were meticulously rebuilt ,according to the original plans, and now house the primary woodworking facilities of Obier Studios LLC. Like all of the renovations on the property, the stables were rebuilt using weathered cypress lumber that was painstakingly sourced from disassembled structures over 100 years old.

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